Saturday, December 25, 2010

Living room : 6 beautiful designs with fireplace.

Living room with a warm fire burning is so inviting right now. It is winter and I was looking for some new ways to rearrange the living room centered around the fireplace. Since much activities and conversations happen around the warm fire, I have in this post a collection of  living room designs with fireplace as the theme.

The designs here are centered around the fireplace, are beautiful, elegant and perfect for comfort during winter months.

Fire place adds a old world charm to any house. The shelves lined with books and the interesting clock on the mantel, beautiful pale wall paper all combine to make this really elegant space. A cozy and charming living room.

This living room looks so inviting for long evenings spent in conversations or alone reading books. The fireplace is the focal point and the cushions and beautiful throw make it look like a stylish cocoon for spending winter hours.

This living room design is centered around the fire place and is uber stylish and elegant in design. The place has a formal look but is cozy at the same time. The mantel has some really interesting display too.

This living room is so colorful and full of energy ! Love how every thing is so co-ordinated and yet not overwhelming. The fireplace is beautiful and the space lovely !!

This living room is so sophisticated and elegant. The fire burning and the black and white photos all make for a very nice setting. The room has old world charm and is uncluttered. Beautiful design!

Living room with rustic design elements. This living room has many interesting accents and they look so gorgeous together. Love the vintage mirror on the mantel as well as the wooden wall panels. Vintage delight :)

Get your creative juices flowing, a little inspiration can go a long way. With the season changing, get the most of these living room designs and create your very own corner of warmth and building memories.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A common staging question...

A common question that my clients often ask me is, what is the best way to stage a second bedroom in a two or three bedroom home? Should it be staged as an office or a bedroom? My answer is definitely, stage it as a bedroom.
There are some exceptions, based on the market, the neighborhood and the kind of home it is.  However, most of the time, home buyers always want more space, especially those with children. That second or third bedroom is the space they're looking for. Looking at a smaller home that has office furniture in the second or third bedroom leaves questions in a buyer’s head: Is this an office or a bedroom? And will my family have enough room?
If there is an appropriate nook or corner elsewhere in the home, then yes, stage it as a home office. This can be especially appropriate in a large family room--it allows the space to read as multi-purpose.
A professional stager will think about the buyers that are going to be looking at your home, and stage your house accordingly. Your stager should answer buyers' questions by showing them the solutions before they ask.

(Photo from Pottery Barn)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Home Accents : Reusing Skateboards for interesting furniture

I love any idea or project which helps recycle or reuse. This post has a lot of different ways to design interesting furniture using old skateboards. They come as beautiful interesting pieces of work and specially apt for teen room.

This is a simple project for anyone. Get a clock mechanism and convert any skateboard into a wall clock. Clever and Interesting. Love the whole look.

Simple idea with great result. How cool does this shelf look. Love the little stack of stuff on it. So boyish and inspiring.

This is another superb way to use skateboards. The shelves look sporty and are functional. Absolutely fun way to recycle skateboards.

A great way to make use of the shape and length of skateboard. With little effort they can be made into these really cool mini tables or use them for sitting. A simple and effective project.

This recliner made of skateboards is such a clever and beautiful piece of furniture. Recycling is always good and with so many ideas choose your own project. This would look beautiful in any den or living room.

A whole bunch of ways to make skateboards into furniture pieces. I love the quirky look of the coffee table, a must make for me :)

A recliner so creative and comfortable. The rustic look of the bench and the classy chic of the recliner, and they are both made of recycled skateboards. The versatility of using skateboards is amazing!!

Do your little bit for the environment and turn your used and loved skateboards into a furniture you will cherish for a long time. It not only makes for a greener Earth but also makes for really creative furniture.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Designer Walls : 5 Bedroom Wall designs inspired by Nature

The set of wall designs here are all inspired by nature and have flower and branches as the motifs. I love the way each of them can look so different and beautiful. Bedroom designs are so important because we rejuvenate in the peace and serenity. It is like our world away from the world, the walls here have just the quality of bring the beauty of nature indoor and creating a haven for us to rest.

Wall designs are integral to designing and setting the feel of a bedroom. Let these inspire you to create a beautiful bedroom too.

I love the simplicity here. Great look for winter, with the warn cozy pillows and golden leaves on the wall. The place is truly a sanctuary after a tiered day.

The wall design is the same leafy look inspired by nature. How beautiful it looks with the bright light. Excellent choice of wall design for small space. Gorgeous and a delight. My fav !

The bedroom wall design is inspired by nature and the leaves and pattern are so interesting in the design. The color is so beautiful with teal and the gray and black look so effortlessly chic and elegant !

Bedroom wall design which is so airy and beautiful. Its like bringing the garden indoor :) Love the pretty pattern and how is instills the whole room with such serenity. Feminine and Beautiful with mirrored furniture and pink accent decor.

The wall design/ wall paper here is also inspired by big Dahlia flowers on a charcoal gray background. The rich dark colors are so stylish and define the space. The balance between the dark and white walls are perfectly in harmony.

Wall designs are a very important aspect when designing the look for any room. The designs here show how to use them on just one wall to bring out its beauty while keeping the balance. Its all about aesthetics and maintaining harmony in the room.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Livingroom : 8 Design ideas in Gray !

Living room designs in Gray can be quite fun and elegant with the right pop of color. The color gray is neutral and with a bright accent color can be a good choice of color for any home.

This set of designs shows just how beautiful it looks when used with the right colors and is perfect for modern classy look. It is a beautiful neutral which looks great with darker shades or even lighter shades like ivory white.For a chic elegant decor, Gray is a beautiful and an easy choice.

For all of us who love style and color yet like to have an elegance when designing, Gray color is a very good option. A few focal colors and the effect is stunning and modern chic. I love this look!

Just how modern and chic is this look. The living room is so light and fresh, gray is such a beautiful neutral that the blue and golden just shines here. The white furniture is so refreshing and elegant.

Love how the gray wall is such a smooth backdrop for showcasing the array of pictures. The green of the plant is a visual delight is such a pleasant setting. Marvels of Gray !

Living room with a  feminine look. Pink is the only color which pops out in the serene gray and white base color. Love the subtle hints of pink on the cushions and sofa lining. So ultra modern and chic !

This living room is primarily in Gray and have a lot of shades and textures in it. The look is intensified by the yellow and the mix of  prints and designs on the upholstery. Teal blue and yellow look absolutely fabulous with the gray theme.

This look is so fun and vibrant. Think of a blank canvas which brings to life any color you paint on it. The corner is so colorful and full of energy, the colors truly stand out in the gray living room. Excellent choice to display beautiful colors in.

Enlarge this pic to appreciate the elements in it. I love it !! So modern and minimalistic in its look, the striped upholstery, and coordinated cushions with the rather fun painting on the wall. All of it make for a beautiful living room with a lot of personality in it.

This living room has gray on the ceiling and the furniture. The walls are pale salmon and the bright cushions add to the glamour. A very unique mix of colors in the room which together make for a lovely breezy look. Very alluring.

Gray might not be a very popular choice of color for living rooms. However when used in a modern elegant setting it is the perfect neutral shade to bring out interesting colors. It is neither boring nor over powering, it is really very unique in its versatility and elegance. A very inspiring color if I may say so :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Decoration : 11 Interesting Theme Colors !

Christmas is so much fun, specially when one can keep getting newer ideas for inspiration each year! Theme ideas are so popular for the same reason. It keeps the look fresh and interesting. Colorful themes is all I have in this post, fun, beautiful and stunning ! Each of them are beautiful and sure to inspire you to decorate.

A place can be transformed with different color schemes and style. Choose from Rustic, Traditional or Modern. Here there are four set of themes, decor ideas in different colors to inspire you.

Christmas decoration in White and Green.  This is simple yet stunning in its appearance. Elegant choice for a unique theme.

Brown is a unusual color theme for Christmas. However this decoration is so pretty. The color is so earthy and sober yet the whole look is uncluttered and uber stylish.

Pale pink and shimmering shades. The decoration is very pretty, specially for a girl's room. The snowflakes on the tree and the tinsel decoration are a beautiful addition.

White Christmas trees are getting very  popular . I have two really beautiful decoration ideas in Pink and Teal blue to inspire you. Colorful theme designs with stunning looks.

White Christmas tree and Teal blue color! How stunning is this decoration. Very unique and yet so stylish. For those looking for really unique decoration ideas this Christmas.

Pink and White Christmas! This is the prettiest and most girlie holiday decoration. Love how each of the elements are chosen carefully. Love the White Christmas tree with pretty pink baubles on it.

Christmas decoration can also be modern and colorful. This set of pictures have lots of stunning bright colors and they make for some really beautiful decoration this Christmas. Unusual, unique and very Mod !!

 This look is minimalistic and full of colors. The neon yellow and pink are so modern. Easy project for some one creative. This look is really for the fun and chic !

Another Retro modern look for Christmas decoration. The colorful look is specially bright with oranges! The color scheme is White + Orange + Green with Blue as the accent color. Very retro and very unique !!

Another great color combination Blue + Teal + Bronze ! This is a very stunning and lovely combination for those who love unique. I specially love the blue against the glass, reminds me of icicles and clear skies.

A room can be transformed into different looks simply by altering colors and decorations. This set of pictures have different looks for the same corner. I loved each of the theme here !!

This is the Nostalgic decor. The pretty handmade wreath, the pine cone decoration and candles in birch, the whole look is so old world and poignant. Very charming theme .

The same fireplace and such a different look. Love how the mantel lights up with all the color and tinsel baubles. The combination of Purple + Blue + Berry Red is so beautiful. The whole look is very stunning and glamorous. Christmas with a bold new twist !

Transform your home year after year with interesting color themes. This is one which is all about red. The different ways red is used is so powerful. The Gold and White are perfect combination. Beautiful and Potent !

All of the looks above simply show how one can keep using new colors and schemes for Christmas decoration year after year. Keep thing unusual and trying our fresh color combination and keeping your spirits and your creative spirit high. 

Merry Christmas everyone !!

I'm currently lusting over... the Allumette Armchair

The filigreed frame only looks delicate—like a geometric web or game of pick-up sticks—as the extra-hard wood of the Arura Vermelho tree (from the Amazon) makes the Allumette armchair by Atelier Oï a sturdy spot to sit.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Craft : How to make Paper Snowflakes.

Snowflakes are so pretty and its so easy to make paper snowflakes in different designs, using just a sheet of paper and scissors. The wonderful thing is no two snowflakes are ever alike and you can cut your paper in different designs and patterns each time too.

In this post I have got instructions from Martha Stewart, she has these really neat instruction for folding the basic shape, and a few pretty designs to get you started, and with a little practice you would be cutting and snipping away happily, waiting to unravel the design. Its really makes very pretty Christmas decoration and you will love making them.

Pretty Paper Snowflakes

Here are some really easy to follow steps by Martha. The basic shape is the same while the design you prune/cut will make snowflakes in different pattern and design.

For beginners these patterns are easy to make, just copy then and go about with your scissors. Involve your family and friends for a good time this holiday. Paper snowflakes are simple with these instructions to guide you.

Few more patterns for snowflakes for you to try. Use them and then try some of your own too.

Image credit: papersnowflakes

A few simple patterns for kids to try. It really is a great family fun project for Christmas holiday !!

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These post are Holiday special and I have one more coming up soon. Please be back for some more unique ideas and inspiration.