Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Christmas Decoration: Ideas for White Christmas trees!!

Decorating Christmas tree is uniquely special! It brings together the entire family, putting up the tree, selecting ornaments, choosing a theme and the final display. Love everything about it, except maybe the effort in putting it away ;) So get bookmarking your inspirations, pin the ideas you love and when you have a theme marked, the rest will come easy.

White Christmas tree is non traditional, a very modern fun interpretation. They are available everywhere, and the ways you can decorate is amazing! Its the perfect foil for even your pastel and mercury silver ornaments. Anything on a white backdrop literally stands out!

Perfect apartment size and super cute! Match the ornaments to your wall color. White Christmas tree can be decked up in any color and look gorgeous each time.

Subtle elegance of white on white. The simple decoration is serene and the stair banister has the touch of fir and pine in sync with tradition. Love!

Match the decoration to your upholstery. Unique combination of brown and purple. Love the pine cones hanging on the tree. Choosing a theme really helps!

Vibrant colors! A sweet setup for holidays. Bright pink and green are the theme colors, in the wreath, wrappings, and table centerpieces. Cover gift boxes in matching paper and use it to prop up the trees.

A very contemporary Christmas decoration. Black and white is a popular combination and the white Christmas tree fits in perfectly. Tres chic!

Teal and white Christmas tree. A simple tree, which looks amazing in the living room backdrop. The upholstery adds so much to this look. Exceptional choice!

My favourite! Love the rainbow theme. If you love colors as much as me, just display all the colors, with a little scheme. This is a good scheme of colors and looks fantastic!

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Neutral colors are a good canvas for bright accent. White tree plays off the little hints of red and green beautifully. Those who love minimal and contemporary this is a good alternative.

If you have a sweet spot for a certain color, chances are its present all as home accents. Decorating your faux tree can't get simpler. Choose some ribbons, tinsel and baubles in your fav color. Done!

Traditional pale gold tissue Christmas tree skirt, with strings of light around frosted Christmas tree. It has a very natural and simple sophistication to it.

Add a few accent in the same color theme to make it festive. Very quick and absolutely complete. Spray paint thrift store ceramics in the same color to match the decor. Easy!

Modern home designs front views entrance ideas.

Modern home designs front views Main entrance ideas.

Happy Holloween!

Wishing you a wonderful day filled with treats!  

All of our best wishes and thoughts go to those affected by Sandy.

{shop design} Joe's Jeans South Coast

I was working earlier this week (honestly working) and stopped for lunch in South Coast Plaza.  I was so excited to see that they had finally opened the Joe's Jeans shop.  From my lunching vantage point I was able to see there fun window display of hanging vintage items.  Loved that!
I was lucky enough to be able to chat with the sales people in the shop about design and the great look they had going on.  I cannot wait to see what they have in store for the holiday displays.  

They did a great job of mixing vintage and new and the texture in the space was so well used.  I completely loved the rainbow colored jean wall.

Their room within the space was created from vintage windows and doors painted in a heavy white.

JOE'S South Coast Plaza Boutique // 3333 Bear Street, Suite #147 // Costa Mesa, CA 92626 | Phone : 714.979.0221
Hours:  Mon - Fri 10-9p | Saturday 10-8p | Sunday 11-6:30p

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

3112 Floye, Hollywood Hills

Sold in two weeks!   For this project, I chose paint colors, furniture, and accessories.  This house is a "Hollywood Regency lite" style... perfect for the Hollywood Hills!

Modern Mediterranean house designs.

Modern Mediterranean house designs.


These pieces are so fantastic.  It is always interesting to me how I can like so very many things.  I like some more than others but generally I like a lot of things a lot.  Does that even make sense?  I am not sure but I don't find many things in design that I just don't like at all.  

Sorry rambling here! Point is I really like these.. what about you?  I don't often see the vintage botanicals with a black matting, what a wonderful discovery these must have been.

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Monday, October 29, 2012


I am wishing for a real feeling of fall here in California, it has been so warm.  I love the beautiful colors that even that creates, but it is not quite like cool mornings and snuggling up.  I am ready to wear boots and scarves and snuggly things!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

greige and a little sparkle

Sorry for the late post.  Busy day here!  Here's to adding a little sparkle to your day.

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