Tuesday, January 31, 2012

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image via glen proebstel


Homes designs from Peru.

Homes designs from Peru.

Arched entry...

These doors are gorgeous and the green garden is not too bad either.
What a whimsical beautiful entryway.

image via pinterest

Monday, January 30, 2012

Modern homes interior designs pictures.

Modern homes interior designs pictures.


Wishing you a wonderful Monday morning!  With another busy week ahead we have to start out optimistic!!!

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Luxury modern home design architecture.

Luxury modern home design architecture.

grey and pink...

I am completely in love with this... perfect for that extra lingering on a Sunday Morning after a busy week and a busy Saturday.  
It reminds me of this...

Which I also love..

I found this on Pinterest but see more beautiful bedrooms here

Theme Inspiration: Decor Ideas in Pink and Silver Grey!

Grey and pastel pink together have a soft airy quality! These make for a beautfiful if unusual combination and can be used in so many ways. Grey goes well with almost any pastel shade. Combined with Pink it adds a dreamy yet sophisticated touch to any space. Silver, White and Black look amazing as accent colors and add a cohesiveness to this color palette.

Use the softest shades of pink and silver gray will magically let it shine. This color combination is a great theme choice for weddings and parties too. Fluid romantic and beautiful!

The two colors compliment each other so well. The palest of pink crystals and feathers look super chic and the whole set up is absolutely breathtaking!

Grey walls have a lot of possibilities. Paired with Pink it has an understated glamour. Very feminine and posh.

The perfect accent chair in Pink and Grey! Its luxurious lines have a classic charm and would be a great way to explore this unique color combination.

Love this absolutely fab retro pattern wall paper in Pink and Grey! Its the focal point and other elements in the room are woven around it. Perfect for the retro junkie in me :c)

Tranquil, airy and very feminine. The beautiful softer hues add so much charm and elegance to this simple decor. White accent and light from the french window only makes it more inviting.

Cute flowery pillows to add some flair to any space. The pretty cherry blossom motif is so delicate and perfect for this color combination.

Love this subdued classic wall paper. The patterned wall designs are perfect foil for the furniture and upholstery in solid colors. Use pattern with solids in a color theme to really make a statement.

Grey, Pink and Black has been used with great success in this modern teen bedroom. Pink and grey look absolutely amazing as accent colors in this 'Paris' theme room. So well executed!

These blast from the past are my favorite share! Love this 50's- 60's living room. Pink and grey had quite an impact even then. There are so many details in here. Love the color palette and everything in here !

If a girl could dream of a Pink kitchen it would be as cute as this! An overload of pink maybe, but quite a style statement. Don't overlook the lady in a Grey dress to match the color combination. Amazed :c)

This post has been so much fun! Pink and Grey has been in trend since a long time and if used well can look absolutely gorgeous as well as elegant. I hope this dreamy pretty color combination has inspired you to its many possibilities.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


I love love this image.  First of all the daybed is the best ever.... second I love the combination of styles and textures.  this just makes me happy!
Wishing you a wonderful Saturday!

image via pinterest from here

Friday, January 27, 2012

Lost in Arles...

A few weeks back I was feeling a little out of sorts.. a little lost at the beginning of the year, it always seems like a time when you should be overly motivated, ready to run out of the gates and get some things really taken care of, make changes and plan for the year ahead.  Well, I was in a total funk and kinda bummed out.  On a Sunday morning I had a chance to take a little time to myself and was wandering around in the land of the blogs, I came across Lost in Arles a blog written by Heather,  I spent well over an hour reading her posts and looking through her beautiful photos.   I finally felt like myself, I felt inspired and awake for the first time in what seemed like a month (the holidays really took a lot out of me this year).  I am ready to go, ready to be inspired, ready to travel and ready to take on the challenges of the year ahead.   Maybe I will visit France in the Fall this year, I know I will be working on stream lining my time and energy into projects that I really want and need to do, and maybe just maybe I will be taking a few more leaps of faith this year.

I wanted to thank Heather and thank all of the bloggers that take their time posting so many fantastic images and inspiration!


Theme Inspiration: Decor Ideas in Yellow and Orange!

Orange and yellow are beautiful warm colors and work great together! These are fabulous colors that have energy and look really cozy and vibrant. Include some neutral color to the palette to bring out these popping colors. Orange and yellow look absolutely sophisticated with teal and pink as accent colors.

The two colors pair so well and look modern chic against grey and charcoal black background. Working with these colors is easy and the ideas in this post will help you decide the combinations that suit your personality and space.

Inspired by nature the dull Gray and popping Orange and yellow make for a visually striking focal wall.

Color Combination : Orange + Yellow + Dull Gray + Black

Yellow and Orange look lovely in this neutral modern living room. They bring a cheerful feeling and warmth to make it really inviting.

Color Combination : Orange + Yellow + Beige + White

Love this lovely porch with Moroccan flair! The unexpected teal and pink look lively against the pristine white backdrop. To me it looks like a painting :c)

Color Combination : Orange + Yellow + Green + Pink + Teal + White

This accent chair in yellow looks fresh and dramatic! The light walls is a perfect canvas to showcase the striking color patterned upholstery.

Color Combination : Orange + Yellow + Beige + White + Pastel pink

An exuberant display of colors. A whimsical bold burst of Pink, Orange and Yellow! A beautiful retro modern feel to it, the upholstery pattern and colors are so gorgeous.

Color Combination : Orange + Yellow + Pink

Color of sunlight Yellow and Orange mimic the beautiful sun rays and add a dollop of cheer to any corner. These beaded Moroccan inspired lantern/votive look absolutely exotic.

Color Combination : Orange + Yellow + Green

Add Orange and Yellow as accent colors in small amount if you are experimenting. These embroidered ethnic cushions are a great way to try this new combination. Lilac and Grey are an unusual choice but look fabulous!

Color Combination : Orange + Yellow + Grey + Lilac

Charming Retro mod kitchen with hot Pink and Yellow flooring. This is such an exotic combination for a kitchen but looks so interesting. No more dull mornings. Love!

Color Combination : Orange + Yellow + Pink + Turquoise blue + Ivory

Simple sophistication! The right amount of yellow and orange elevates this dull boring bedroom to a whole new level. It adds an instant oomph and focal point to the bedroom.

Color Combination : Orange + Yellow + Brown + Beige

Great for teenagers, this color combination has lots of vivacity and energy. Combined with a few other colors makes it a perfect blend of charm and elegance. 

Color Combination : Orange + Yellow + Pink + White

I love the positive vibes of Orange and Yellow! The charm and cheerfulness is addictive. Include it in any form and you are sure to elevate the vibes of the space. The warmth and romance of these colors can add a kick to any room. Hope this inspires you to warm up to these fantastic color combinations!