Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Details of a well lived life...

Some days are more reflective than others.  The past two days have been so beautiful here at home that sitting inside working at my computer seems like a crime during the day.  I have been day dreaming and thinking a lot.  

I found something that is so fun here on Kimberly's blog.  Something I love.  I am a list maker and this seems like the best kind of list - a Life List.  Aside from making this my new before bed project I have been thinking about how we need to get back to basics here at home (my home) we need to entertain more, visit with friends more, spend more time together just playing and laughing.  I have been thinking about friends and how easy it is to make new friends and how we can loose track of old friends.  In the world of blogging and design a friend can easily be a reader, a client, a fellow designer or a vendor, each is still a friend with which a wonderful common interest is shared.  So to those of you that I am lucky enough to call friend I am saying thank you for all you do for me and for making each day special.  

Have a wonderful Wednesday... and I promise to not be soooo sappy tomorrow!  

image via pinterest from OKL


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